Cromasaig Croft



Situated one mile south of Kinlochewe on the A896 Cromasaig Croft can within season offer

fruit and vegetables along with our Free Range Hen and Duck eggs.

The conservation of nature is something that we consider fundamental to the development of our Croft land, especially considering the fragile and extreme environment in which we live.

That is why we have decided to leave areas without livestock, so flora and fauna can develop naturally. We have also designated conservation areas within the Croft where many birds nest during the summer season. We take care of the areas we use for livestock and are continuously working towards being as sustainable as possible in all activities we carry out. One way we do this is by collaborating with others who look into how we currently manage our Croft and how we can improve and work more sustainably. Complementing this, we have environmentally friendly policies, so that our activities impact as little as possible on nature, such as the use of non-conventional renewable energy, composting and non use of chemical weed killer’s etc on our land.




We care about both our domestic animals and the wild animals living around us.



B&B Accommodation


Telephone; (44) 1445760234


or call at Cromasaig House